Experts at retaining the best Life Sciences professionals for small and mid-sized biopharma organizations.

About Us

Clinnect brings together the best talent for small and mid-sized biotechnology, pharmaceutical, CRO, and medical device companies across the US.

We help you source for your priority programs in a fast, reliable, and cost effective way. Our carefully compiled networks make it easy for you to find flexible talent across the life sciences sector.

Industry designed assessments ensure total quality across our talent pool, and thorough vetting gives you total peace of mind from the start.

Transparency and trust are built into our mission. We turn the classic agency hiring model on its head, by putting the power firmly in your hands.

Who We Are

We’re founded on a platform of deep understanding of the Life Sciences sector. What works, why it works, and what could work better. We decided that “better” deserved a representative, and so Clinnect was born.

There are many elements to doing great work in life sciences, but to make a project shine, the right people need to be involved.

We’ve spent our careers getting to know those people, on both the hirer and candidate side. We take away the pain associated with the hiring and job search process by fully understanding your needs, then putting them first.

Clinnect demystifies and simplifies the sourcing process for critical, fast moving projects.

Whether you’re sourcing for a project, or looking for your next great fit, you’re in the right place.

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