Case Studies

When you work in Life Sciences, finding the right people is crucial to the success of developing life-changing medicines.

But how do you know that your recruiter walks the walk, and is not simply saying all the right things? At Clinnect, we like to let our work do most of the talking.

  • Case Study
    Feedback from a Client

    “Our experience was very positive with Sebastian.

    First of all - the person – who has turned out to be absolutely everything that I could hope for. She has only been on board for a week, but in that week we had a couple of zoom conferences, she has been incredibly responsive, she has done background research on her own, and we are light-years ahead of where I thought we would be. She understands the issues, has already provided me with a couple of detailed manuscript outlines, and has responded very positively to the strategic direction provided. In short, I could not be happier with this person, and am already considering other areas where we might be able to take advantage of her impressive capabilities.

    Secondly – the process – you very quicky got us a number of CVs, and literally the next day we had a detailed discussion of the candidates and their individual strengths and weaknesses. The off-line feedback was invaluable, and you stayed connected during the process, not in an annoying way, but just to make sure that we were getting all the information we needed. You absolutely met our needs for identifying potential candidates, provided important independent background information, kept the process on track, and moved things forward VERY expeditiously. Two weeks after our first interview with her she was on-boarded and hit the ground running.

    You can put us squarely in the “very happy customer” category.
    - Chief Medical Officer, small biotech company

  • Case Study
    Feedback from Successfully Placed Candidate

    “Clinnect is excellent. Taylor was very professional and personable and I was happy to have her represent me. She helped me navigate the interview process in an encouraging and supportive way and at the same time, firmly and successfully persuaded me to complete the requirements needed to keep the process moving forward. She conducts thoughtful screening interviews and actually gets to know a candidate over time. In addition, thanks to Taylor advocating for me, I received a significant increase and pay in bonus that I had been seeking. Taylor is the one recruiter I trust and I will always be grateful for her.” – Director level candidate placed with a small pharmaceutical client

  • Case Study
    Successful Search for VP of Clinical Operations in a Small Biotech Company

    Client: A small biotech company with a phase 3 cell therapy rare disease program.

    Objective: The client sought a Vice President of Clinical Operations with expertise in cell therapy, rare disease experience, strong leadership capabilities, hands-on approach, and the ability to drive cross-functional collaboration.

    Clinnect's Approach: Collaborative partnership, extensive candidate search, assessment of fit based on their experience, leadership style, and communication approach, and timely presentation to the client.

    Results: Identified a candidate with the desired experience, leadership capabilities, and communication style. Offer extended and accepted within a timeframe of under three months.

    Benefit: By successfully recruiting a qualified VP of Clinical Operations, the client gained an individual who made an immediate impact on their phase 3 program. With hands-on leadership, accelerated patient enrollment, and inspired cross-functional collaboration, the client's rare disease program experienced enhanced efficiency and progress, bringing them closer to their research and development goals.

  • Case Study
    Successful Search for VP of Regulatory Affairs in Oncology Biotech

    Client: A small oncology biotech company with an open position for Vice President of Regulatory Affairs.

    Objective: The client needed an experienced regulatory affairs professional with expertise in strategy and CMC, previous VP experience, extensive oncology knowledge, recent small biotech experience, and the ability to work on-site three days a week.

    Clinnect's Approach:

    - Comprehensive Analysis: Thoroughly understood the client's requirements and desired skill set.
    - Extensive Search: Conducted a focused search for qualified candidates.
    - Rigorous Screening: Evaluated candidates based on regulatory affairs experience, oncology background, small biotech experience, and on-site availability.
    - Timely Delivery: Presented three qualified resumes within a week.

    Results: One of the first candidates progressed through the interview process and accepted the offer. The position was filled within a month.

    Benefit: By efficiently filling the VP of Regulatory Affairs position, we addressed the client's needs, contributed to their growth, and ensured success in the biotech industry.

  • Case Study
    Clinnect's Partnership in Hiring a Chief Medical Officer for a VC Biotech Company

    Client: A venture capital (VC) biotech company with several portfolio subsidiaries companies. 

    Objective: To find a Chief Medical Officer (CMO) with a strong background in early development and translational research, broad therapeutic experience, longevity in previous positions, and an entrepreneurial spirit.

    Clinnect's Approach: Through an exclusive partnership, Clinnect conducted a targeted search to identify the ideal candidate. Within two weeks, we found an M.D. with over a decade of experience in a large pharmaceutical company, who had also started their own successful biotech venture.

    Results: Clinnect presented the highly qualified candidate to the client, impressing them with the speed and accuracy of the search. In just 1.5 months, the position was filled. The new CMO brought expertise in early development, translational research, and an entrepreneurial mindset, contributing to the success of the VC biotech company and its portfolio.

    Benefit: Clinnect's tailored search process and partnership approach allowed the client to swiftly secure a qualified CMO who aligned with their strategic objectives, enhancing their growth and success in the biopharmaceutical industry.

  • Case Study
    Tight timelines

    A biotech firm needed an experienced regulatory writer with oncology expertise to support an NDA submission under tight timelines. Clinnect found a person fast who was able to hit the ground running, hit key milestones, and their expertise on clinical summary modules led to a successful NDA outcome.

  • Case Study
    Associates, assemble

    Clinnect were asked to assemble a team of CRAs to support a large study, for the monitoring of 1000 patients. We quickly mobilized a team of 8 CRAs, all with the expertise the company needed.

  • Case Study
    Meeting critical milestones

    A large pharmaceutical company who specialized in rare diseases found themselves under pressure with multiple studies coming in, all at the same time. They needed help assembling a team of CTMs, fast. Clinnect sourced 6 Clinical Trial Managers, within only 3 days. Not only were they a great fit for the organization, but they also made sure that they could meet their critical study milestones.

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